Acknowledging Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Do you even understand the ramifications of losing Thanksgiving? We have lost the single holiday that acknowledges thankfulness, blessings we have, family, love that we share with one another, breaking bread as a community of fellow human beings, AND we have extended the most consumeristic holiday that Christmas, unfortunately, has become.

Ideas on How NOT to be THAT Parent!

how do we find a balance between not being too much of a pest, or a “brown-noser”, and knowing what is going on with our kids and their education. Here are a few suggestions/hints; I’m no expert so take the advice or forget it they’re just ideas.

March and Spring

This is the time of year that I feel the most lucky to have the job and business that I have. I get to participate in the earth’s rejuvenation by being out in it, and teaching my beautiful children about seasons, and how the earth does what it does.