Ways to Love Yourself This Holiday

say to yourself: “I don’t need to do all this. I choose to do all this because the end results makes me happy, and the people around me happy. The world won’t end if I take this moment to myself, and let myself know that I am enough.”

Why All the Spending?

Are you shopping today? Are you out “saving money” while you’re spending money? Sounds ridiculous right? Yes, the Christmas season is upon us, and yes, we feel the compulsion to purchase gifts, and to do so at a savings (if we’re going to buy gifts then we should save money). But let’s think about what […]

Holidays YAY or UGH?

  Oh wow. This month marks the beginning of the most hectic time of the year for everyone. Of course, I do love Thanksgiving because it is like the big long breath you take before you begin a difficult workout. Thanksgiving is the pause before all the activity truly begins. A lot of advise is […]