Afterword; Thanksgiving!

there have been so many other experiences and people that aren’t even here that I’ve been given the opportunity to know and love.


Grateful Calendar

This project has been so much fun, and heart filling that I’m grateful that I thought of doing this. Just looking at my pictures old and new I got more and more filled with love and gratitude.

Gratitude Continues

I am a person that never had the blessing of having children myself but I’ve been blessed with being included with my own family, and all of my client families. I love, and I am so very grateful for, all the children, and families I have in my life.

Lessons in Gratitude are a Must

  I am not great at acknowledging the things I’m grateful for, I am not one who will naturally look to the bright side. As I’ve gotten older I have gotten better (thank goodness) at looking at things I have and pay a lot less attention to the things I don’t have. My mom had…