What’s To Eat: (the age old question)

  Let’s face it; gone are the days when you can spend an entire day figuring out what to make your family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Heck, I live alone and I can barely find the time to plan one meal a day. With soccer practice, ballet lessons, karate classes, etc. who has the […]

What’s in the Kid’s Kitchen (recipes for your children)

This seems to me a grown up dish but according to my sources older kids really like it, and when I say older I mean ages 8-12+. I really don’t think you’re 2 year old will like it, but I could be wrong. I say this only because of the ginger and garlic in the […]

Is Your Kitchen a Restaurant?

  So, hmmmmmm what to eat? What can I make for the family that we will all eat, AND eatable healthy (you know what I mean). We’ve all gone through this scenario more then once. Food has gotten so complicated, and fancy! Kids like it pretty simple. Sometimes the more simple the more edible for […]