Now, Let It Begin!

Christmas kind of reminds me of Las Vegas in the form of a holiday. So much to do, lights, shows, shopping, and gambling (yes, gambling because you’re hoping your gifts will be winners).

Sleighbells or, Just Plain Ringing?

  Well it’s here. I’m never quite sure how to feel about Christmas. The adult in me is somewhat Scroogish or Grinchish. I feel bad about that, and even guilty at times. I think of all the presents I need to check off my list, the cards I need to send, the shopping yet to […]

Why All the Spending?

Are you shopping today? Are you out “saving money” while you’re spending money? Sounds ridiculous right? Yes, the Christmas season is upon us, and yes, we feel the compulsion to purchase gifts, and to do so at a savings (if we’re going to buy gifts then we should save money). But let’s think about what […]