Recruiting Babysitters

First of all, yes, I was babysitting from the time I was 12 BUT was I a good babysitter at 12; that would be a resounding NO! Do I understand the difference between the serious responsibility I’ve been given when babysitting now; unequivocally YES!



Ask ourselves how many opportunities for connection are we missing because we require people to call before they come; especially family.

Our Children and Racism

We want to pretend that we don’t see color, and we even brag that we don’t; but let’s be honest, we do! It’s not seeing the color differences in skin that causes the problems…

Great Places In Denver for Kids

I love this time of year and I really love finding out of the way places that I can actually enjoy being with the kids without worrying so much about keeping them in view because it is easy to do so. Enjoy and love your family time!