What’s Wrong with “NO” ?

telling our children no will assist them in life to come, and they will be able to tell themselves no when necessary (unless it’s brownies for breakfast).


Ideas on How NOT to be THAT Parent!

how do we find a balance between not being too much of a pest, or a “brown-noser”, and knowing what is going on with our kids and their education. Here are a few suggestions/hints; I’m no expert so take the advice or forget it they’re just ideas.

Work Ethic?

Somewhere during the movement of parents wanting more for their children then they had has our kids believing that the world revolves around them, and they don’t need to be responsible. We have raised kids that feel entitled to their parents paying for everything even into adulthood.

Entertaining with Kids

Will Johnny embarrass us with deciding to perform his dance moves during a Thanksgiving prayer, will Sally decide to disrobe when grandpa is in the middle of telling the holiday group about how much he loves or loved the woman he married, will Billy wiggle and jiggle with his cousins during dinner, and then for some reason, let out a Banshee yell for no apparent reason and then laugh proudly and hysterically when everyone looks at him in shock expecting a limb to be missing?


Oh Dear! Now you just want to climb right back into the womb….the problem with achieving independence is you realize too late that you should have loved your childhood, the reliance on the love and protection of your parents, and cherished the friends you were free to play with for hours on end with no worries. Oh man…..