Be Prepared

when I go prepared with something in mind to do with the kids time flies, and it’s not always because we do the activity


Acknowledging Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Do you even understand the ramifications of losing Thanksgiving? We have lost the single holiday that acknowledges thankfulness, blessings we have, family, love that we share with one another, breaking bread as a community of fellow human beings, AND we have extended the most consumeristic holiday that Christmas, unfortunately, has become.


Ask ourselves how many opportunities for connection are we missing because we require people to call before they come; especially family.

4th of July Craft…Easy AND Fun!

What you’ll need: Plenty of Salt Black or Dark blue construction paper Glue Water color paint and brushes Cookie sheet with edge How To Create It: Start by laying your paper on a cookie sheet so the salt doesn’t get all over the place. Draw out your design with the glue. It works better if you…

Great Places In Denver for Kids

I love this time of year and I really love finding out of the way places that I can actually enjoy being with the kids without worrying so much about keeping them in view because it is easy to do so. Enjoy and love your family time!