Rates and Fees

Consider us the “Uber” of babysitting services. Once you sign-up with us, and provide a credit card number; we will, after a babysitting shift, charge your card, and a receipt of services is sent via email to you. You no longer have to stop and get cash or write a check for babysitting. End of year statement of what families have spent through us for childcare for tax purposes is given upon request for a small fee.

We pay each and every babysitter higher then the average hourly rate for babysitting to attract the professional babysitters you will feel safe leaving your children with.

Oh my gosh! Here are our rates in simple and plain language that you can understand. They aren’t hidden, they’re straight forward, and there is absolutely no guessing what you will be charged by the agency for your childcare. There are no add-on fees unless you request a Family Assistant, and even then you get to choose what you want to pay extra for. We don’t charge retainer fees, our one-time fee is really a ONE TIME fee, and then you pay for the service as you utilize the service. If you don’t use the service you don’t get charged. We are a simple agency with you in mind.

One Time Set-up and Application Fee:

$99.99 is charged for fees associated with onboarding new families into our database and systems that keep everyone connected to each other. This fee is NEVER charged again.

  • For visiting families this application and agency fee is waived but hourly rates are $26 an hour for 1 to 2 children, $28 an hour for 3-4, etc.

Hourly Rates for Babysitters:                                                                  


Our pricing structure typically includes:

  • Temporary babysitter placement fee
  • Hourly wage rate paid to babysitters
  • Ongoing professional guidance for you and our babysitters.
  • Recruiting costs including national background checks.
  • Conflict management between you and our babysitters if necessary.
  • Placement for professional fees.
  • Access to backup care and emergency backup care.
  • Convenience costs incurred for credit card payments, and payment to babysitters. There is a 4-hour minimum.

1-2 children $22.40 per hour

3-4 children $25.20 per hour

5-6 children $28.00 per hour

Discounted pricing for families using the service for 6 or more hours in a day as follows:

  • 1-2 children $20 per hour
  • 3-4 children $22 per hour
  • 5-6 children $24 per hour

Overnight, or entire weekend rates are different call for rates: 303-323-9886

Babysitters for on-call professionals:

For professionals that have on-call positions, such as medical professionals, etc, or your child is showing signs of sickness and may not be able to go to school the next day you can reserve a babysitter for “just in case” scenarios for a 4-hour fee plus any hours that the babysitter actually does work. If the babysitter doesn’t work but is on-call you will be charged the 4-hour minimum based on our rates of service.

Permanent Placement:

We do provide permanent placement and charge 15% of the estimated yearly salary of a nanny (based on a salary no less than $16.00/hr).

  • Monthly payment options are available if you would like to hire someone permanently.
  • Or a retainer fee of $250/month and you will be charged just the hourly rate as they apply based on how many children.

End of year statements for taxes $30

Beginning 2018 end of year statements for childcare expenses a charge of $30 will be assessed for every end of year statement request.

For families that utilize the service for date nights and the as-needed basis such as appointments, etc you qualify for 1 hour of free babysitting after every 20 visits.