Rates and Fees

Consider us the “Uber” of babysitting services. Once you sign-up with us and provide a credit card number; we will, at the conclusion of a babysitting shift, charge your card, and a receipt of services is sent via email to you. You no longer have to stop and get cash or write a check for babysitting. At the conclusion or a year an end of year statement of what families have spent through us for childcare for tax purposes.

We also pay each and every babysitter the average hourly rate based on rates in the Denver area, and exactly the hourly rate you’re charged.

One Time Set-up and Application Fee:

$99.99 is charged for fees associated for onboarding new families into our database and systems that keep everyone connected to each other. This fee is NEVER charged again. For visiting families this application and agency fee is waived but hourly rates are $25 an hour for 1 to 2 children, $27 an hour for 3-4, etc.

Hourly Rate for Babysitters*:                                                                  


1-2 children $15.00 per hour

3-4 children $17.00 per hour

5-6 children $19.00 per hour

Overnight, weekend rates are different call for rates: 303-323-9886

Agency Fee:

Daily agency fee of $19.99 is applied for every day service is utilized. This covers overhead the agency acquires for behind the scenes costs and services provided to our clients.

Agency discounts applied of $3.00/day when a client utilizes service 4 or more days in a week (a week is Sunday-Saturday a billing cycle). 

Other Pricing:

For families that utilize the service for date nights and the as needed basis such as appointments, etc you qualify for 1 hour of free babysitting after every 10 visits when scheduling through our app: Babysitters In a Pinch.