Meet Our Babysitters

best Carolyn Silva
Carolyn Sylva

Carolyn Silva comes to us from NY, she has a cultured background, and speaks Portuguese. She has experience with all ages of children and she is comfortable with them all. She is currently a yoga teacher, and works for Denver International School’s after school program. She is creative, nurturing, fun-loving, flexible and punctual. Your kids will really enjoy the time they will spend with Carolyn and you’ll feel at ease knowing they will be safe, and entertained.

Alison Elliott Photo
Alison Elliott

Allison Elliott is passionate about acting, and teaching the art of acting to children in a variety of situations and age groups. She enjoys the creative playful creative side of being with children and babysitting. She is energetic, patient, dependable, and ready to come be with your family at a moment’s notice. She is traveling to LA for a production of “A Christmas Carol” in November where she will performing through the Holiday Season so hurry and get her on the calendar through October. Have no fear though, she will be back to us in January.

Cameron Lonnegren

Cameron Lonnegren is one of those guys that instantly instill trust. He’s great with children that are elementary school age. He’s very active, and been in a childcare environment beginning when he helped his mom operate her daycare. He remains calm, polite, and dependable. He has a background in working with children in a camp environment and the kids would all try to sit next to Cameron for lunch break. He’s soft spoken, positive and level headed. He’s a great person, and you will be happy having him watch your kids.

Lisa mead headshot
Lisa Mead

Lisa Mead is a babysitter by heart. She wants nothing but the best for the children she takes care of. She is terrific with infants and pre-schoolers. She engages exuberantly with children in a calm way and children enjoy being around her. She is very conscientious about their safety, and you will feel at ease the minute you meet her.

Allie Bayles
Allie Bayles

Allie Bayles is another creative babysitter that has has a lot of world experiences traveling to Czech Republic, England, Hungary, and Mexico. She has taught children’s classes in dance, and worked as Manager for Starbucks at the corporate level. She believes in volunteering for her community, and really enjoys the energy, openness of children. She looks forward to a future filled with children, travel, and in nursing. She’ll be great for your family.


Meghan Trapp
Meghan Trapp

Meghan Trapp How lucky we are to have Meghan Trapp with us for the last 5 years. She is very dependable, loves children and is personally invested in their personal safety. She is a reservist with the US Air Force, a firefighter, and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. I have had requests for Meghan by families on a very consistent basis. I love her as part of my team and you will love her in your home watching your children.

Savannah Kerr

Savannah Kerr the sweet smile that you see in this picture truly represents this positive and dedicated childcare provider. Savannah is committed to children of all ages, and is passionate about doing what is best for them. She believes in giving guidance to children that will enhance their future. She is the magical babysitter that you and your kids will like. Her dedication to children, and doing the best job she can is amazing.

Ashley Hunter
Ashley Hunter

Ashley Hunter has enthusiasm galore. She adores spending time with children and, more importantly, playing with them. She is creative, believes in outside play, and keeping children active. She has experience taking care of children of all ages and is very comfortable with them. You’ll love her as your babysitter, and you’ll feel confident leaving your children in her care.

Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster

Ashley Foster is one of our evening weekend babysitters. She is a mom herself so she understands the challenges of parenting and how difficult it is to leave your children with babysitters. She has experience with children that are on the autistic spectrum, she is engaging, and never tires being with children. She is raising her son on her own and she is pursuing a career in nursing. She also is a full time nanny with another family but would like to work for families in addition to her already busy schedule. You’ll like her, and I was very impressed with this young woman and how she is driven to give the best to her son.

Sam Podraza
Sam Podraza

Samantha Podraza is a nursing student, responsible, dependable, and has been around children her entire life. She began babysitting her siblings and then neighborhood kids, but what makes her stand out is that she is always engaged with the children she cares for. Her references said they loved having her, their children loved her, and she always was doing something with the kids; be it playing outside or taking them to various activities. She really is a terrific babysitter.

Kathleen Batson
Kathleen Batson

Kathleen Batson she is one of those wonderful people that is warm, energetic, patient, and very understanding. She had no children of her own but she loves being around them, there energy, and their creative way of thinking. She is refreshing to be around. She has had a lot of experience in organizations and communities, and is very organized. She would be a delight to have in your home. She enjoys grade school age children best but loves all ages.


Hailey Curnutte

Hailey Curnutte

has a passion for children, so much so that, her regular job is as a Behavioural Interventionist. She is great with children autism but she has been a paraprofessional in Elementary schools as well as a tutor. She’s high energy with hobbies including outdoor activities. She’s great and I’m proud to consider her one of my babysitters.


Kelly Williams123_1[855]
Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams has a terrific background in sociology and has a Bachelors degree in Social Work. She believes in positive reinforcement, encouragement, positive motivation to handle behavior. She has goals to help children in the future utilizing her degree in Social Work. She is smart and high energy. She believes in engaging children in activities outside. She’s going to be a great experience for your family.


Liza Mezentseva

Liza Mezentseva she’s a natural with children. She has a very calm spirit but has terrific energy, and loves children and playing with them. She’s very responsible and patient. When checking her references people just thought she was a very kind, fun, and responsible person. She served a community mission, recently, in Africa. We are very happy to have her as part of our team.

Hailey Beck

Meghan Becker has a degree in Criminal Justice and youth counseling experience. She loves children and likes the ease that she has when she gets to play with them in a less structured environment, not in a counseling environment. She is a terrific communicator with children and adults. She believes in safety, fun, and engaging with children with age appropriate activities.