Meet Our Babysitters

Savannah Kerr the sweet smile that you see in this picture truly represents this positive and dedicated childcare provider. Savannah is committed to children of all ages, and is passionate about doing what is best for them. She believes in giving guidance to children that will enhance their future. She is the magical babysitter that you and your kids will like. Her dedication to children, and doing the best job she can is amazing.

Ashley Hunter

Ashley Hunter has enthusiasm galore. She adores spending time with children and, more importantly, playing with them. She is creative, believes in outside play, and keeping children active. She has experience taking care of children of all ages and is very comfortable with them. You’ll love her as your babysitter, and you’ll feel confident leaving your children in her care.

Kathleen Batson

Kathleen Batson she is one of those wonderful people that is warm, energetic, patient, and very understanding. She had no children of her own but she loves being around them, there energy, and their creative way of thinking. She is refreshing to be around. She has had a lot of experience in organizations and communities, and is very organized. She would be a delight to have in your home. She enjoys grade school age children best but loves all ages.

Francey Pistono

Francey Pistono we are so lucky to have Francey as part of our team. A very intelligent woman that has worked in the legal world for years, has her own children, and grandchildren. She enjoys the energy of children, physically doing activities with them, reading with them, and guiding them. She is a complete asset to Babysitters In a Pinch, and we are lucky to have her.


Jordan Cortazzo

Jordan Cortazzo Has substantial experience in Autism Spectrum Disorder, and she is passionate about these children. She has a BA in Arts in Psychology. Not only is she educated but she also has hands-on experience. We are so lucky to have Jordan as part of our team of babysitters. She loves children, and learning from them. She just moved to Colorado, and hopefully we will be able to utilize her expertise for a while.

Heidi Dickson

Heidi Dickson brings a lot of expertise including training and experience with Child Protective services. She believes in providing safe and reliable childcare, and has one of those even keel personalities that is perfect for a caregiver. She has a lot of colleagues that adore her and moms that have trusted her with their children, and said that they trusted the care that she gave their children.

Alicia Manuel

Alicia Manuel is a mom with patience to spare. She is one of those natural childcare givers that is calm and collected with an energy that is enviable in her approach to childcare. She is a mom of 3 grown children, and is organized. She has empathy for parents and knows what it takes to be a parent so she will be one of those people who will just know what parents need. We are lucky to have her.

Joni Cole

Joni Cole the word to describe Joni has been “amazing” by every single one of her references. She is one of those people that truly loves being around children and is patient, creativite, and so engaged. I was told she could make a classic work of art out of a ball of string. I’m so excited to have her as part of my team. 

Constance Maricella Perot (Marcy)

Constance Maricella Perot (Marcy) is a childcare professional with several years of childcare under her belt. She loves being around children, nurturing their minds, and watching them grow. She has a full time job but wants to reconnect with her love of children weekends and evenings. She won’t disappoint.

Scott Weedall

Scott Weedall is a substitute teacher with Denver Public Schools. He brings artistic and athletic talents to our pool of professional babysitters. His strengths are empathy and compassion especially with those children that can get frustrated easily. He is dependable, kind, friendly and believes in being an example to children.