Beginning Kindergarten? Oh GEEZ; Already?

From the time your little one came out of the womb you knew that they would be under your solitary care for a short while, and now the time for REAL socializing, and learning begins without you.


When Dads Stay Home

“I’ve run into burning buildings as a New York City firefighter, pulled swimmers from 40-foot waves as a big-wave surf rescuer, and taught Navy SEALs how to maneuver watercraft in open ocean. Even so, I will tell you that being a stay-at-home dad is an intense job.”…” I’m not doing mom stuff-I’m raising my kids…I get irritated when friends announce that their husbands are home ‘babysitting.’ They’re not! They’re caring for their kids.

Awe what to write about….

I don’t know. I don’t think anyone has parenting down; not even the “experts”. Being a parent is hard to figure out, and we just want to know we are in the same boat together. I think parents need to know that they aren’t going to be perfect,

Man, I Had it ALL Wrong

Shame on me! I was at the Denver Children’s Museum with two of my boys that I babysit on December 30,2013, and man, was I taught a lesson! The Denver Children’s Museum was packed. It was winter break for all kids great and small so everyone was there. I had to park a gazillion miles…

Does Favoritism Exist In Families?

The vast majority of parents do have [a] favorite child, according to research — about 80 percent. So be honest with yourself and your children because they’ll figure it out and ultimately grow to distrust you.