Holiday Humor Break #2

After what we thought was the longest night of our lives my brother and I thought that Santa has surely come, and ever so quietly we got out of our sleeping bags and began the long, slow, quiet trip down our stairs.


Ways to Love Yourself This Holiday

say to yourself: “I don’t need to do all this. I choose to do all this because the end results makes me happy, and the people around me happy. The world won’t end if I take this moment to myself, and let myself know that I am enough.”

Does Anyone Remember Babysitters?

I’m just wondering if my readers have had babysitting memories. Some that may have been better then others, memories; like my own, that at the time were stressful but with age laughable, some that you loved and wished you had kept in touch with your babysitter. I would love if you would send me your stories. Are babysitters memorable? Being a babysitter I hope so, and I hope for the positive.