Frightening Tweens and Teens! BOO!

These will be some of the hardest parenting years of your life. You will go back to when they were infants and you didn’t sleep much. You will be worried far more than you did when they were safe at home with you,


Our Little Boys

  You walk into a room and this is what you see. Your little boy rough housing with your fairly new baby, or his stuffed animal; something. Little boys just can’t stop themselves. Of course I am generalizing and there are exceptions to this but for the most part I rarely babysit a little boy […]

Why Discipline? Is it Really Necessary?

I hate needing to set boundaries for the children I babysit because I know that I will have to follow through with a disciplinary action that I said I would…BUT on the other hand if I don’t then there is nothing but mayhem, and no one around is enjoying themselves.