The Human Cesspool (no offense)

  Yup…it is our children. Don’t get me wrong; I love kids, and I love them a lot but, let’s face it if they weren’t so cute, the fruit of our loins, endearing, sweet, funny, awe inspiring, etc we probably wouldn’t even let them in our cars. Of course being a babysitter gives you that […]


Tatatatatabumbadadabumba (The Star Spangled Banner if you must know)

  Here’s to US and U.S! Remember to love your kids, swim, laugh, and play. If there is ever a holiday that shines on the fun of summer, and activities this is the one. Get messy, get wet, and laugh a lot. Try to avoid the heat, and blowing off any part of your body. […]

Answering their questions=Exhausting Day!

Miss Jaidene, where’s the pelvis? Why do we have a pelvis? Miss Jaidene, when will we be there? Miss Jaidene, why is Annikan good and then turns bad? Miss Jaidene, can we play on our iPads? Miss Jaidene, do you think that dinosaurs are the biggest things in the world? Miss Jaidene, where does the […]