Wrapping Presents…YUCK!!!

I ask you to join me in my pledge to taking back Christmas from the Hollywood version that we all try to live up to.

What’s in the Kid’s Kitchen (activities to share with your children)

  This recipe comes courtesy of  “The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions” by John E. Thomas and Danita Pagel TUBTIME CRAYONS these fun bathtime artistry can be used on the side of the bathtub or on the tile walls and floors WHAT YOU’LL NEED: 1 C grated Ivory soap 1/4 C warm water food coloring […]

Tatatatatabumbadadabumba (The Star Spangled Banner if you must know)

  Here’s to US and U.S! Remember to love your kids, swim, laugh, and play. If there is ever a holiday that shines on the fun of summer, and activities this is the one. Get messy, get wet, and laugh a lot. Try to avoid the heat, and blowing off any part of your body. […]