What Are We Doing?

There is nothing like the happiness on the face of a child when they get everything they want…


Gobble, Gob…sorry for the interruption Christmas is Here!

Thanksgiving, I feel, is one of the MOST important holidays that should be paused over, and not rushed over for Christmas. Thanksgiving is the ONE holiday we have that is dedicated to recognizing our blessings, the people we love in our lives, sharing a meal and conversation in gratitude. What a beautiful teaching time for […]

The Human Cesspool (no offense)

  Yup…it is our children. Don’t get me wrong; I love kids, and I love them a lot but, let’s face it if they weren’t so cute, the fruit of our loins, endearing, sweet, funny, awe inspiring, etc we probably wouldn’t even let them in our cars. Of course being a babysitter gives you that […]