The Reality of Crafting with Kids



Be Prepared

when I go prepared with something in mind to do with the kids time flies, and it’s not always because we do the activity

Great Places In Denver for Kids

I love this time of year and I really love finding out of the way places that I can actually enjoy being with the kids without worrying so much about keeping them in view because it is easy to do so. Enjoy and love your family time!

Man, I Had it ALL Wrong

Shame on me! I was at the Denver Children’s Museum with two of my boys that I babysit on December 30,2013, and man, was I taught a lesson! The Denver Children’s Museum was packed. It was winter break for all kids great and small so everyone was there. I had to park a gazillion miles…

Housework and Chores…YUCK!!!!

I like my house relatively clean, and organized but there is dust on the tables, carpeting that needs vacuuming, a floor that requires mopping, etc. and I’ll get around to it today but not after I put it off, and my belly button is completely clear of lint. I’m one of those women when I’m stressed out I DON’T reach for a cleaning bucket; instead I reach for ice cream and the remote.