A Morning-In-the-life-of Prince William, Princess Kate, And Prince George

  Isn’t it funny how we so want to get behind the scenes of celebrity life, and especially royal life? It’s nearly absurd. I’m going to give you MY take on a morning-in-the-life-of Prince William, Princess Kate and baby Prince George. Ready; here goes: Bloody Hell; Kate why is the baby covered in cream peas […]

The New Trend for Parenting: “GRIT”

   Surprise, surprise. They are now finding that all the TLC we shower upon our children may NOT be what they need to succeed. A good self-esteem is very essential, don’t get me wrong, but not allowing our children to problem solve obstacles in their lives, and, instead, nurturing them through difficulties may not be […]

Child Abuse and Reality Television

Get ready. I think I’m about to start a controversial conversation BUT I feel compelled to do so.     Who are these people? Why are we not outraged, and reporting them as child abusers? Why do millions of people watch their ridiculous behavior, and basically condone it while they publicly humiliate children that come into […]