I’m Officially Old

I remember the good old days of going to school and NOT being allowed to take my toys. I’m amazed at how many parents let their kids take stuff to school these days


Don’t Be Fleeced (order your guide today)

Paying more doesn’t mean you’re getting better babysitting. Trust me on that fact. Yes, good babysitters are in demand, and paying a bit above the average pay for your location isn’t a bad idea to attract some above average babysitters (but even that isn’t guaranteed).

Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation: Are you Listening?

   Here we go with the Holidays again. Some people look forward to them, others, dread them, and some are just apathetic to them. Whatever your feelings are about them you are going to have a lot of gatherings, and maybe you need a little brushing up on your listening skills; especially if you have […]