Beginning Kindergarten? Oh GEEZ; Already?

From the time your little one came out of the womb you knew that they would be under your solitary care for a short while, and now the time for REAL socializing, and learning begins without you.


Breathe…start the day calm if you can!

…just a simple routine that I use to start my day. I hope you will be able to implement it into your day (chances are you won’t because a day with kids starts like a slap in the face). However, this will only take 3 minutes:

Chaos Ensues Back To School

It’s that time of year. It is a time filled with bitter-sweetness. Sweet because your worries about how to take care of your children while you work is gone until 3 pm or so, gone is the need for transportation during the day to camps, swimming, activities, etc., gone is the worry about if the…