Answers To Your Babysitting Placement Questions

  1. Are there fees in addition to the hourly rate for babysitters?

Yes, there is an agency fee of $18 assessed for everyday that the service places a babysitter. When a family utilizes the service 4 or more days per week the agency fee drops to $15 per day. There is also a one time application and set-up fee of $85.00. This fee is one time only and not ongoing from year to year.

2. How are babysitters recruited?

We are very careful when finding our babysitters and nannies. The process includes and isn’t necessarily limited to the following: resumes are submitted, an in-person interview is conducted when policies of the company are discussed, payment is discussed, expectations are discussed, then a background check is performed using one of the top background checks on the web that give nation wide DMV and criminal records if they exist, references are checked and if you click on this link you will see a sample of the questions we ask: if everything goes accordingly then they are hired.

3. How are babysitters paid?

The agency pays the babysitter on a weekly basis exactly the hourly fee we charge your family. You are not responsible to pay the babysitter. The agency will charge the card you give on the client agreement that you provide at the time you sign-up with us. You never need to stop and get cash from an ATM or write another check. This process also helps us keep track of your expenses when it comes to childcare. We generate a statement at the end of the year with the information on how much you spent on childcare through Babysitters In a Pinch, LLC in order for you to use it as a possible tax write-off.

4. Why is there an agency fee?

An agency fee is assessed to cover administrative costs accrued by Babysitters In a Pinch including but not limited to: recruiting, credit card fees, time for scheduling and organizing staff, conflict management if necessary, and other overhead expenses such as payroll and accounting.

5. Do you place both nannies and babysitters?

Yes we do. If you need someone ongoing and permanent we will recruit someone for you and you will have the option to meet them before you have them start with you. We also have safe babysitters that you can trust for short term such as date nights, running errands, and taking the all important time to yourselves that parents and caregivers need.

If you choose to hire a nanny permanently there is a $1000 placement fee, and then the nanny is yours, and you will schedule and pay them yourself.

For any other questions please call us at: 303-323-9886 we look forward to hearing from you.