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Answers to Babysitter Rates

Confused on what to pay your babysitter? Find tips for real life childcare in this guide from an expert with 25+ years’ experience in childcare, and the owner of a babysitting/nanny placement agency. Learn from my mistakes and successes including:

·        Helpful links.

·        What to expect for the rate you pay.

·        Easy to understand directions to set pricing for babysitters.

For just $10 you receive:

·        Research of babysitting rates

·        Links to articles that will assist you in setting rates

·        Babysitter rate calculator link

·        Gain knowledge when to pay more and know when it isn’t necessary

·        Bonus: All Inclusive Babysitter Information Table to keep on hand for your incoming babysitters that will keep your babysitter informed, and can refer to when you’re gone. (A $5 value)

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