One of the most difficult parts of being a babysitter is when a family no longer needs you due to life changes such as the kids no longer need a babysitter, moves, or other changes.

This month I’ve had to say goodbye to two of my families that I’ve had since the inception of my business 4 years ago. Man, you just take it for granted that you’ll always have these families in your life. I mean sure; I’ll get cards, possibly event invitations but it just isn’t the same. Watching these kids develop their little personalities, independence,  intelligence,  & natural curiosity is so gratifying, but then….

You’re not a relation, and you know this time is coming but it is always a shock when the time finally does come. What are you supposed to do? Not open your heart? Keep your emotions all wrapped up tightly? For me that is an impossible feat. Children are too easy to open your heart & emotions. I can’t be guarded with children.

I’m sure parents don’t realize how very difficult for the babysitter that has been with them long-term to say goodbye. Oh well.


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