Sometimes when you wake up in the morning do you just look at the clock, and almost get angry? Angry that you have to do the same thing you did yesterday, or you need to kick yourself in the fanny because you need to do better; better at being a parent, an employee, a business owner, sister, brother, aunt, uncle etc but it just feels so impossible to do it? Yeah I hear ya’.

It is one of those days that you need motivation the most, and to stimulate it you look to outside sources, and the more you try to find it the angrier you become because all the motivational sayings, posters, etc do nothing more then fuel the fire. I find when I’m in those moods that all the stuff out there to motivate me seems glib, trite, and ridiculous. I find myself rolling my eyes, and guffawing with disgust about the simplicity of it. However, motivation really IS simple. There is nothing spectacular about it, and all those darn quotes, have a lot of truth to them. BUT I refuse to feel badly because I’m lacking motivation as long as I don’t let it go on and on. I mean I have to have motivation in order to pay my bills, eat, play, and drive. The lack of motivation over a large extent of time can have the potential of being debilitating; so what motivates me the most: the view from my window looking at all the homeless wandering the streets of Denver. That fear always successfully motivates me!

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