So my business is; Sitter In a Pinch, and my website HAS been but when I began upgrading my website I found someone else in my area had taken my name and cleverly configured it so she could have a .com. So now I’ve found out that all of my marketing with the name Sitter In a Pinch including my blog is, and more than likely, being used organically to promote this other persons business! DARNIT!!!!

Thinking on my feet I quickly did some research to find if there was an alternative for me to  find a .com domain without having to change my name too much, and I was able to do so. My new name is Babysitters In a Pinch, and my new website is up and running already:

This change has been discouraging since I have business cards, car magnets, and Holiday cards with my old business name: Sitter In a Pinch. Oh well. As I’ve blogged in the past life is full of change, and this time it’s my turn.

As seen before: cloudchange

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